Digital Innovation Is The Key To big Inventions

We can help you digitally materialize your ideas.
Creative in Software Structure and dedicated to your project.

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Our story

You are passionate, curious, creative and ready to step up your game? Let’s talk digital!

Our company is a nationally recognized digital agency specializing in web development, inbound marketing, and online strategy. We are client focused and know that every business is unique. We tried to master digital by understanding each business niche in the market place. Therefore, we are proud to offer customized solutions. We combine first-class products and services with strategic planning experience and creativity to enhance our clients’ brand and success. We seek to partner with all our clients to harness the power of the Internet in meeting their business goals.

Our goal is to create desire around innovations and provide joy for people. In today fast paced world we believe that we can be the the link between your idea and its creation process. Because it begins by a story, we can bring the knowledge of the constant development that occur around us and turn it into something beneficial for users.

We constantly think about the user experience, guide them towards their goals and provide them this unique story through your concept.

The internet is our playground and we thrive on creating interactive experiences that deliver results.
Innovation is the key to our success!–no cheat codes required.

Digital strategy


User experience


Web design

Content creation

Web development & CMS

Web hosting

Brand strategy

Motion design

Graphic design

Creative copywriting

Stationery design


G3 3D

Video production

Custom Software Solutions

iOS Application

Android Applications

Windows applications

Web development

Platform Solutions

Data Infrastructure

XML Gateway


Map Data Integration

WebVisual Composer

Smart Admins

CRM management

Creative design

Custom Software Solutions

Custom web development & design

iOS Application

Android Application

Windows applications

Web/App development

Platform Solutions

Data Infrastructure

XML Gateway

Map Data Integration

WebVisual Composer

Smart Admins

CRM management

Creative design

Systems Integration Technology

IT as Infrastructure

24/7 Support

XML Gateway




UI UX Flow


Software Licensing


Data Conversion

System Application Design

System Migration & Integration

Business Process Improvement Assistance

Stay in our lane

Anyone who says they know it all, knows nothing. Our talents are diverse, but we lean on trusted partners when clients need something outside of our area of expertise.

Honor the client and their values

We treat every client like we would our mom. In fact, our moms are clients. We never judge. If you don’t feel safe, confident and heard -- we aren’t doing our jobs.

Canada is home to a thriving digital media industry, recognized as a world leader in SEO, front-end and back-end development, animation, and visual effects.

We are working hard to add more to this list!


Hitesh Prajapati

Development Manager, Father, Passionate PHP Master

Hitesh has worn just about every hat that exists in the software service world. He has worked as a Programming Enge, Core PHP APIs, Backend Structure In Big data, Server Management, HTML, JQuery, CSS and angular JS mentor for over 8 years. His expertise in CRM solutions as a personal Software Advisor. He also holds a certificate in Horticulture Semantic Programming from the Royal Horticulture Software Society, London, so you might say he has a passion for encouraging and empowering software growth and implementation with great logic which is very rare. 0.1% of his own kind.

His years of experience on the business, managing client side of software makes him an exceptional big data map maker -- pinpointing exactly where a client is, where they want to be and helping them forge the smoothest path.

In his free time, Hitesh thinks about solutions, and always watching over Uniqks team as his own family. Proud Indian software Management and expert developer. No Programm is impossible for him to implement! He's currently managing 14 senior developers on Uniqks team.


Sunil Patel

Manager of Uniqks Programming department, (Development) Second Officer in command, Down to earth and Lovable person, Supersonic fast.

Sunil is a Senior Software expert managing 8 senior employees of Uniqks front end and back end developers. He has 9+ yrs experience in Web application development, REST APi development, Database Structure and RDMS Administrator.

Sunil is a solution expert, which means he provides the solution to any kind of software problems ... Sunil skills in an Asynchronous MySqual engine with Nodejs using Express, Azure, and variously related frameworks. He's an expert in Real-time communication with Socket and XMPP ... RabbitMQ for better queuing... both into RDBMS with MySQL (CE & EE) and Scalar DB with Mongo, Cassandra, uses Redis more for pub-sub or caching layers. knowledge of Linux server, both Nginx, and Apache.

His skills in Web/API development creative around both MEAN stack and LAMP/LEMP Stack.

His proof of excellence is the reviews that We are getting from our clients for his skill, hard work, and dedication..


Alina Ku

SEO Expert, Branding Manager, SEO team Manager, Very detail oriented, consistent.

Alina started in Uniqks to change the state of Internet marketing services in Toronto. Her mission was to build custom marketing solutions for each client, instead of using generic pre-packaged products. Alina passion for the business, is her leadership, experience, and unwavering commitment to Uniqks clients plays a great role in the success the company has today.

Google webmaster expert working with MOZ and Schema Strategies. Off-page Guru using her flan and semantic content for all her link building skills. Has earned over 1.3 million links in 5 years SEO practice.

Team player and very effective for Uniqks SEM and SEO projects. Expert with Google and BING Analytics.